Thursday, August 24, 2017

Tristar Inc. Reviews the Best Inventions in Golf

Tristar Inc. reviews
August is National Golf Month, and to help get you in the spirit, Tristar Inc. reviews some of the best inventions in the sport’s history.

The exact origins of golf are highly debated. Some believe the game goes back as far as the days of Julius Caesar, while others trace it back to the Song Dynasty in China between the years 960-1279. However, it is generally accepted that the modern game of golf was created in the Netherlands during the Middle Ages (5th to 15th century), while modern golf did not catch on internationally until the late 19th century when it gained popularity in the rest of the United Kingdom and subsequently the United States. 

Regardless of who or when golf was invented, it has been around for centuries and the equipment, courses and technology used to play has certainly evolved over the years. Here are some of the most impactful inventions in golf history.

The Modern Golf Ball
The molded golf ball of today hardly resembles its ancestors. Over the years, golf balls have gone from being wooden to having a solid core with multi-layer urethane. Not only do these modern balls enhance aerodynamic performance, they also have made golfing much more affordable because of the way they are mass produced.

The Tee
Golfers used clumps of dirt and even sometimes sand to tee their ball for more than 500 years before the first tee was invented in the 19th century. These pegs were designed to stick in the ground and provide an area to place you ball on top. This has made golfing easier and cleaner at the tee box.

While golf courses relied on precipitation from the sky to water the grass for hundreds of years, a better and more easily regulated process has since been created. The first fairway irrigation system was developed in Dallas in 1925 and it allowed for golf courses to be built where they previously could not. This has led to the mass amounts of golf courses we find today and the beautiful condition most of them are in.

Golf Carts
Imagine always having to walk with your clubs and not having the option to ride the course on a golf cart. Seems crazy, doesn’t it? Well that was the reality of golf until carts were invented in the 1930s, however, they didn’t become mainstream until the 1950s. This invention opened up the game to more people, drawing in those who had trouble walking the course.

Graphite Shafts
Once graphite replaced steel in the production of club shafts, it was a golf game changer. Not only did this lighten up the golfer’s swing, but it also reduced the weight of club bags everywhere. Graphite shafts provide an excellent combination of performance and durability.

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