Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tristar Inc. Reviews Five Inventions That Helped Shape Sports

As an invention company that can help take great ideas and concepts and turn them into successful, market-leading products, Tristar Inc. reviews five inventions that have had a major impact on sports.

Field Turf
Some athletes prefer playing on fresh cut, natural grass, but field turf is the next best thing and has revolutionized playing surfaces for many sports. Astroturf that used to be commonly used for playing fields in football, baseball and other sports proved to be dangerous and an alternative had to be found. Field turf is a hybrid between natural grass and Astroturf, providing the practicality of turf and feel of grass. It is what every non-natural field surface in major sports is made with these days.

The Curved Hockey Stick
The heads of hockey sticks used to be straight, but thanks to NHL Hall of Famer Bobby Hull it was discovered in the early 1960s that a curved blade allowed for quicker, more accurate shots. By 1967, curved hockey sticks became widely used across the sport.

Baseball Caps
Not only do baseball caps help keep the sun out of baseball players’ eyes, they also have become a staple of American fashion. Fans across the country sport baseball caps of their favorite teams, as the design and quality of the hats continue to improve.

Football Facemasks
The evolution of the football helmet has progressed from leather to much harder materials, but perhaps the most important addition for them has been the facemask. Keeping football players’ hands out of each other’s faces, facemasks prevent tons of injuries from happening in an already rough sport.

The Protective Cup

Speaking of injuries, a protective cup is used across nearly all sports to prevent injury to a sensitive area. Who knows what athletes did before the invention of this safety equipment, but they’re certainly thankful that it exist now.

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