Friday, January 5, 2018

Tristar Products Review the Importance of Sunday Supper

It is unfortunately a tradition that has fallen by the wayside in many homes these days, but Sunday Supper used to be a great opportunity after a hectic work week for families to gather around the dinner table and spend some quality time together. This would be a time where interesting stories could be shared about the week or plans could be discussed for the next big family vacation.

Sunday Supper isn’t being utilized by families as it once was, but to combat this January has been designated as National Sunday Supper Month. This annual distinction is part of the Sunday Supper Movement, which aims to resolve this waning tradition and bring it back to the forefront of our family culture.

In order to celebrate National Sunday Supper Month, we’re here to bring you the latest Tristar Products review about the importance of this underappreciated family tradition. Our hope is that after reading this Tristar Products review you’ll be urged to gather with your family and friends and prepare a meal together. After savoring each other’s company and enjoying a delicious meal, you won’t regret it!

To understand the importance of Sunday Supper, it’s as simple as knowing about the history behind how National Sunday Supper Month came to be.

It all started with Isabel Laessig, the founder of the Sunday Supper Movement as well as the Food and Wine Conference. Isabel is a mother of four who was inspired to start her own blog, Family Foodie, when her oldest child left for college and would talk about missing family dinners. Her daughter would constantly say that one of the things she missed most about home were the times spent sitting around the dinner table with her family.

This highlighted the importance of family dinners to Isabel, and in 2012, her and eight other like-minded bloggers and their families celebrated the first virtual Sunday Supper together. This progressive dinner allowed them to bring back an old tradition with a contemporary, technological twist.

Isabel and the eight other bloggers who participated in the virtual Sunday Supper have the same mission that is laid out by National Sunday Supper Month. As they put it, they are “passionate about bringing families together to cook and eat together.”

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